Blue Cross


Duration & Team


Actively communicated with cross-functional teams such as marketing, brand, print, customer service, content, mobile, and technical to understand the issue and possible long term design solution. 


  • Let's make it customer-centric 

  • Created a plan to gather information for such a large site

  • Let's bring everyone on the same page  

  • Let's reach out to actual customers and gather feedback

  • Follow the new brand guidelines exactly to create a user-friendly experience 

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I wanted to start reviewing  Google Analytics and WebTrends to understand user behavior and site traffic. This gave me the next step to prepare site page reports and worked with the team to identify what's needed and removed. 

Site Audit and Analysis

Understanding the Problem

Call volume was higher than expected because users are unable to find the information. The brand suffered from trustworthiness based on NPS score results. I found the following major issues based on initial research and site audits.   

Poor Analytics


Hard to Find Info

Not Accessible

Design Process

Started with Information Architecture

Search is not a part of the current site so we wanted to make sure that users find what they are looking for easily and faster. We looked at our data set, industry standards, financial websites, and competitor's websites to start with. We designed some card sort activities, chalkboard study,  5 seconds test and more.

information architecture workshop and activity

Collaborated with Brand Team 

Some brand guidelines came from Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) at first and since Premera is an independent licensee they allowed flexibility to have its own identity. An agency helped to create some rebranding and following that guideline was the starting point for us.

Started Working on Style Guide 

In order to build the user-centric user experience, we needed to build a solid design foundation. There was some limitation using the bootstrap responsive framework. As a large organization, we needed a well designed and open-source design system that can unite brand, style, interaction, UX best practices and design principle in one.

Building Style-Guide



Information Architecture

Colors & Accessibility

Web Components


Measure of Success


Thanks to These Design Tools

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