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Genesis Capital


Lead UX Researcher and UX Designer

Duration & Team

May 2018 - July 2019

4 Designers, 4 Front-End Devs, A content writer, 2 Analyst

Understanding the Problem

The company is looking for a partner to help modernize and evolve the current brand. The company wants to meet the needs of its current and potential customers, meet the demands of expanding the business nationally and grow its service and product portfolio in the future. Most of their business is through word of mouth and due to growing competition, Genesis desires to gain some online presence as well. Also, they are going to be part of Goldman Sachs which leads to rebranding.  

Stand-Out in Competition

Standing out in a competition is a key 


Acquisition / Rebranding

The recent acquisition required them to rebrand and redesign the brand


Online Presence

Strong online presence would help improve some user segments


Marketing and Leads

Online presence and proper SEO marketing could to healthy leads


Let's Start with Discovery and Research

Worked on interview scripts for both user groups. One for business and another for end-user group


  • What is the web redesign initiative?

  • Successful web redesign outcome? 

  • What are the user needs?

  • What are the business needs?

  • What is your plan for future growth?

  • And how can we improve upon to make sure we deliver user-centered design? 


Design Principles

Genesis Capital will become the premium business partner and advisor for the nation’s leading professional investor developers of residential and commercial real estate, offering expert lending solutions, advanced technology, and premier customer experience, empowering our clients to seize opportunities and grow their business successfully


We’re in this together. That means we ask you to cocreate with us. Your insights and expertise are critical ingredients


We don’t go “dark” between reviews. We believe in open collaboration and constant sharing to make sure that everyone is always informed


We're available as much as possible. We’re respectful of your time while staying transparent on our progress

Design Process

Content-First Approach

Collaborated with a content writer. Worked on a site content matrix document. This helped us to understand how many features or pages we would have to create for. Based on the content matrix document we started working on the information architecture and site map


Share, Validate and Improve

The team went back and forth to make sure we all are on the same page and we deliver the best and usable solution to the client

Collaboration with Visual Designers

Working with visual designers is a crucial step to the process. I wanted to understand the visual design approach and look at their mood board examples so I could think ahead and deliver wireframes successfully   


Lessons Learned


Early UX involvement could help with strategic thinking and scalability 


Interviewing more non-bias user base could provide honest data set 


Social Media and marketing strategy could help reach out more user base


Early-stage usability test can help validate design rationals and site content better


Successfully delivered Wordpress theme and published website. The team was able to transfer knowledge for ongoing web maintenance. New lead generation helps them to bring in new clients more frequently and access web analytics for them to keep up with the trends. The new design is on-brand and approved by Goldman Sachs. 


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