Digital Experiences 

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Design Principles I Like to Follow

Over the years, I've learned, mentored and successfully implemented these fine design principles to my user-centered design approach. They are beacons to point to the right path ahead and reminds me of what the end goal should be.




On Brand


Design System and Style Guide for Blue Cross 


State of the Art Project Planning App for Disney


Rebranding and Redesigning Genesis Capital, E-Commerce Site

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My Fellow Co-Workers 

He's a relaxed yet sharp collaborator who takes feedback in stride, consistently offering fresh ideas to improve any project, and engaging with developers with the right amount of technical expertise. 

Melissa Serdy Velez

Product Designer

Ankit continues to challenge the D365 team to ensure we deliver great user experience while listening and working collaboratively with the D365 team to understand the leading practices to ensure that we deliver an optimal solution for the customer balancing design and technology strategy

Holsan Yap

Group Manager

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