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Matrix Services


Design Thinking Facilitator, Sr. UX designer, Mixed Reality Training Creator 

Duration & Team

1 Month Engagement

UX Director, Project Manager, Full Stack developer, 3D Modeler

Understanding the Problem

Matrix provides services in engineering, fabrication, construction and maintenance to the energy and industrial markets. They wanted to increase safety in dangerous environments by training people using modern, individual immersive methods. 

Paper-based trainings

More efficiently train people using modern, individual immersive methods​


Training retention

Blend centralized training with just-in-time training to increase safety and effectiveness​


Experience matters

Utilize an experienced aging workforce to train and advise new people​


Concern about safety

Increase safety in dangerous environments​


Design Process

Let's think through

Facilitate design thinking sessions to brainstorm ideas and possiblities

Prepare for the training

Once identified the approach we managed to create a list of features we needed for the training and started putting together as a script (user journey)

blank macbook.png

Dress-up the mannequin (This was a fun)

A fun time to prepare mannequin for the training and placed the safety harness over. Once done, we managed to capture the set of images and short video tutorials 

Build the user-centered training

Used Hololens 2, Guides, and designed the training as planned. This was something new to me but I managed to overcome the challenge with the help of my mentor :) 

Test, iterate and knowledge share 

Ran some user and usability tests with end-users and validated final edits with the client for the approvals. Once done, I knowledge shared with SMEs and handed over the app

Measure of Success Predicted


4x improvement to service time among employees who receive mixed reality training


25% boost in productivity, plus errors reduced to effectively zero, with directions and data given in mixed reality


Drive digital transformation across first-line workers, an audience traditionally underserved by tech



Other Case Studies


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Blue Cross 

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